Grades Taught

Early Learning - Grade 5


Milk River Elementary School is steeped in a rich history dating back to 1961.


Initially, the school was built to take the pressure off the overpopulated school which later became known as Erle River's High School.  In the spring of 1961, students were asked to bring a large, brown paper bag to school.  In this bag, they packed their books and supplies for a short march up the hill to their new school.  This march up the hill saw 205 students relocate to what is now Milk River Elementary School.

Through the years, many students have attended our wonderful school.  In fact, if we were to estimate an average of 125 students per year, our school has influenced approximately 6 625 lives so far!

We have experienced many changes over the years, with renovations, innovations, changes in class configurations, new staff, old staff, returning staff, the moving of grade six to Erle River's High School, plus many more too numerous to mention!

We are currently a school with just under 90 amazing kids.  Our staff consists of 14 patient and brilliant people who are always excited to work with students.  We are very proud of our history and the people that have made our school and community such a wonderful place to call home!


Mrs. Rachelle Miller

Vice-Principal - Mrs. Sandi Hughes